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Published: 24th May 2011
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They're frequently used in facilities like freight yards, factories, port facilities and warehouses. A number of of the specific capabilities of this unique truck are: Zero rear axle suspension, hydraulically powered fifth wheel, high numbers of start/stops each mile, significant duty cycles.

Alternative nicknames for yard trucks contain: Terminal tractor, yard mule, port tractor, trailer spotter, trailer jockey, yard spotter.

Do I need a yard truck? There are various reasons to getting a yard truck. The first 2 are Capacity and Kalmar - These two are usually the most widely used and are very similar in design. The other two are Tick and the Crane Carrier Company. The actual functionality and even style between the both usually are quite similar nevertheless right now there are undoubtedly a few distinctions you will need to take into account prior to obtaining one of these trucks.

Capacity Trailer Jockey - possesses a more durable body design. Made out of 12"@25lb. structural channel, you will find considerably a lesser number of body vehicle repairs will be required. Component parts have always been much more standardized on the Capacity, which means there's been less changes from year to year when compared with Ottawa. Capacity features a much better system for rear axle suspension, the "Dura-Ride" system used on capacity employs not one but two air springs between the frame and rear axle, allowing for considerable cushioning for navigating tough terrain. When compared to Ottawa’s "Otto-Ride" suspension, it's a much simpler design, and easier to maintain, because it has got considerably less parts involved in the design, and is particularly much easier to maintain and repair. The Otto-Ride system makes use of some large bracket system welded to the rear axle casing, which acts against a small elastomer situated below the rear tailboard of the frame.

Crane Carrier is a major producer of garbage truck cab/chassis, as well as other specialty mobile tools. In the early-mid 90’s Crane developed and constructed their very first yard tractor. It was of a typical design, and really didn’t exhibit any genuine distinctive design features. At this stage, they have had limited success with this vehicle. Although production numbers are not known, they haven't become a very very popular unit, and presently do not hold much of a presence in the market though in 2002 they claimed an agreement for 100 M878A2’s that has shown actual promise in service with the US Army’s transport units.

Are there other brands of Yard Trucks?
Champion - initially manufactured by Champion Carriers in Irving, TX, in 1977 this product line ended up being bought by American Coleman Co. in Littleton, CO. The Champion production went on until 1987 when the product line was acquired by Ottawa Truck, and production ended.

Shuttle Spotter made originally by T & J Industries in St. Louis, Mo.T&J appeared to be the successful bidder on a US Postal agreement during the early 80’s. Shortly after the contract was done, they shut off of production. Otherwise, there was not very much else that was noticeable in regards to this unit. Parts continue to be available for these tractors, but they are difficult to locate or affordable.

Originally the Rhino was manufactured by a subsidiary of Southern Railway, AG Motors in Fresno, CA .

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